Vikarabad crime nursing student murdered thrown into countryside well

Cut the nerves of the hands and stab the eyes

A young woman was murdered in the worst manner in Vikarabad district. The dead body of the young woman was found with the nerves of her legs and arms cut and both eyes gouged out. The police believe that after killing the young woman, she was thrown into a pond. The villagers and family members who found the body of the young woman in the puddle informed the police. 19-year-old Shirisha completed her inter and joined the nursing course. Shirisha’s parents are in tears as their daughter who has gone out of the house is seen as a bereaved person. The police took Shirisha’s body to the hospital for postmortem. The village was saddened by the news that Shirisha had been murdered. It seems that Sirisha was stabbed in the eyes with a scuddriver when he was killed. The police are inquiring as to who had the need to kill her so badly.

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